Thursday, September 16, 2010

Loooooooooong Run

Originally written September 4, 2010

I am heading out the door on my longest run to date! 14 miles!

I am nervous. I am wearing new training shoes and I usually do not wear my new shoes for the first time on a long run. I am also using a fueling product today and some times they upset my tummy. This is my first training long run without my husband. I am in Virginia, visiting family and friends. I will have a long stretch where there is no bathroom option, right in the middle of the run.

I am excited. Because I am not running my usual route everything will be new and interesting. I also asked some of my friends who live in the area to serve as water stops along the way. I have a friend at mile 5 to offer me fresh water and a dry towel. This will help me to keep my pace and my focus because I know someone is aniticipating my arrival during a 15 minute window of time. Another friend will be waiting for me at mile 10. I will be so glad to see her. That 5 mile stretch between them is the stretch I am concerned about.

I keep telling myself that I am strong.
I am a marathoner
I can do this
This is my run
I got this

This is exciting. This is my last visit home before my 'events' in October and November. This is my time to share my passion with my family and friends and for me to receive their energy and support.

Time to lace up and go!

Live beautifully!

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  1. Carolyn, this is awesome! I love that you have two friends along the route! I'm just over 3 miles now - you are inspiring me to reach for greater distance.

    I can't wait to hear how it went!