Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reality Check

This is me stepping up onto my soapbox, for a moment. I don't know how many of you watch The Biggest Loser or have watched someone you love get so unhealthy that it hurt to watch them. Or maybe that unhealthy person is you. I don't know what your situation is at this time in your life or the decisions you made that you got you there. I don't know the obstacles, struggles or limitations there may be to you feeling like you can succeed. I don't know.

What I do know is that health is worth working for, it is worth fighting for and YOU are worth any and all the effort it may take. You cannot buy good health. No one can give you good health. Your health 'insurance' cannot promise you health. YOU . . . the choices you make. You . . . the power you take. YOU . . . cannot be stopped once YOU know what needs to be done and you do it.

Short story . . . at 43, my blood pressure was sooooo high and my weight was soooo out of control, my doctors thought I had a heart attack or a stroke. My body was inflamed and bloated. It hurt to walk. It hurt to stand. I just plain hurt. I was on medication to lower my blood pressure and another medication for GERD (acid reflux). I am not stupid . . . these are health problems brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle. I did not 'get' high blood pressure . . . I cultivated it! I did not 'get' GERD . . . I was feeding it! Some of my medications were causing some side effects that would require a third medication! I am not a human petri dish! I am not a chemical experiment. WHY was I doing this to myself. I was making myself medically dependent for my 'quality' of life. My calendar looked like an old persons calendar . . .doctor appointments, tests, procedures, physical therapy, etc. That is not living. Scientifically, things move from a position of order (or health) to disorder (unhealthy). Intelligent reasoning would suggest that if I was that unhealthy at 43, I would continue to digress and deteriorate becoming more and more dependent on the medical community for my 'health'. Really??? At 43? My best days were already behind me?

Over the next couple months I began changing the choices I was making about my health. Instead of looking to doctors to see what the 'prescribed', I learned to trust my common sense about what I knew was healthy. I KNOW what a healthy diet looks like. And so do you. You aren't crazy. You know that fast food and soda pop are not doing a thing to make you healthy. I KNOW what a healthy active lifestyle looks like. And so do you. We have this information. We have to choose to use it. We are far wiser than we choose to acknowledge. You do not need a doctor to tell you that you need to lose weight! You do not need a doctor to tell you that your blood pressure is too high. You do not need a doctor to tell you that eating saturated fats is clogging your arteries! You KNOW these things!!! Only YOU can make the choice to change the behaviors that are deteriorating your health and your quality of life.

You are my friends and I love you. You have supported me. You have encouraged me. Many of you taught me how to love myself and to be open to possibilities. You have watched me grow in love and in spirit. You have watched me lose over 100 pounds. You cheer for me. You celebrate with me. I am sooo blessed to have you in my life. Now, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are worth it!!! Cheer for YOU! Stop watching me from the sideline, come join me in the healthiest life ever!

I promise you, it is beautiful! It feels good! I want you with me! I want to grow old with you! A healthy life gives you a zest for life and I want to share all those zesty years living life wide open . . . not visiting you in the hospital.

(Humbly stepping down off my soapbox)


  1. Very well said girl...keep encouraging and inspiring us!

  2. You don't need to step off! I think we need more people ON the soapbox! I think that is one reason, especially the next generation is more unhealthy than the last! We are so concerned with saying "what's right" or not stepping on toes, or for parents... not saying "NO!" (there's one that should get a rise out of some!)... that we are allowing our kids to be unhealthy which in turn gives us more reason (for some strange reason). I also have so many people that tell me how far I have come and how great that is, but my same question is yours... so why don't you come along with me? I read again last night what FEAR really is... False Evidence Appearing Real. That is so true with starting any journey, isn't it? We have fear because we don't have the real evidence because we can't- we haven't been there... but if we can persevere and stay the course- we will see that what we thought was not real and the reality is amazing!

    Thanks for sharing... keep on sharing and keep on going my friend!! ((hugs))