Thursday, February 24, 2011

And a Little Bit of Pixie Dust

Oh, my gosh!!! I am so excited!!!! I feel like a six year old girl with ruby red slippers, Tinkerbell wings and a pumpkin coach all in one!!!! Those would all be very good things, in case you didn't get the magical references there! I just found out TODAY that my fitness role model, Tosca Reno, is going to be at the Arnold Sports Festival this weekend!!!!! I don't know why I didn't think about her possibly being at the expo.

Oh, and the Arnold Sports Festival is only 3 hours from my house!!!!! I am going! Well, I am going to the expo! I am going to meet Tosca! I am going to purchase her new book and get my picture taken with her!!! Can you even tell I am just a tad excited!!! This is the woman who influenced me the most and continues to influence me in my health and fitness. She first gave me a glimpse that there was hope for those of us over 40 and frumpy. I saw her and read her story and thought . . . well now, if she could do that, I could too. She is only human. I am human. It gave me hope.

Now with the festival just a week away, I am so glad that I have been very diligent in my workout efforts lately and in my clean eating. And you better believe, I have even more motivation now!!! Oh, this feels like a magical pivotal moment for me.

In other related news. Last week I put the scale away and quit weighing myself. I had gotten in the habit of stepping on it every day again and it was messing with my head which was impeding my progress. What I am doing cannot be measured by the scale at this point. I am intentionally on a muscle GAINING phase right now. I want the muscle size and strength in my upper body to increase pretty significantly. My clothes are looser. I feel amazing. My workouts are going very well. I have a couple changes in my routines and I will share those with you in the next couple of days. My measurements have gone down in the past three weeks.

Waist is down 1/4 inch
High is down 1/4 inch
Thigh is down 1/2 inch
Chest (at bra band) down 1 inch

I will be trying to figure out what to wear to the festival and will need your help!!! I will post some pictures tomorrow for you to help me choose!!!

Live beautifully!!!


  1. I just found you today from a comment you made on Tosca's blog about going to the Arnold.
    I'll be there too and am so excited.
    I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm adding you to my favorite blogs list!
    I hope to learn much from you about eating clean and exercising. I've been eating clean for about 5 months, but struggle with the moving part. Sometimes I go weeks at a time with exercising almost every single day. Other times I go a week or two without doing anything at all.

    I'll be back to visit often!!
    Oh, and congrats on your successful weight loss!


  2. Like Roxie-Girl, I saw your post on Tosca's blog and wanted to check your blog out. So happy I did! You are so positive and have worked so hard and pulled-through to get to where you want to be. You are an inspiration for all! I look forward to reading more :)