Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Burning the Candle and Melting the Fat!

Life has been a new level of crazy busy! This transition time that I am in right now is super tough. I'm still working full time as a secretary, teaching yoga during my lunch break, training a couple clients in the weight room, taking care of my own workout, study for my personal trainer certification AND try to remain in contact with the people who make my life fun to live and whom I love dearly. Most days I can do pretty good, but once or twice a week things just get a little piled up and threaten to pull me off track.

I remind myself to inhale fully, exhale completely, focus and absorb only this moment and this moment only. This, a cup of chamomile tea and a couple friends who remind me of why I am doing all that I am doing gets me through these moments. My hubby can be a great support, if I take the time to communicate to him what I need. He is home this week and was sweet enough to bring me a protein shake to work when I realized that I had miscalculated my caloric needs for the day and I was not going to be home after work.

So, there is the burning the candle at both ends, trying not to get stuck in the middle and scorched.

Melting the fat. I started this 12 week transformation program on January 1. I love my workouts! I was concerned that being my own trainer might slow my progress. Just the opposite is true. I love the workout program I have myself on and the fat is melting away! I'm lifting weights in a full body circuit of super sets three days a week, teaching yoga twice a week, doing High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) twice a week on a cross trainer, and running twice a week. LOVE it! The circuit of super sets only takes me 35 minutes to complete and it is soooo effective! I made myself some spreadsheets using the excel program on my computer with the exercises for my workouts. I have a strength training workout A sheet and my strength training circuit for workout B sheet and I alternate between the two. I have the exercises listed on the left hand side of the chart. In the block beside it I write how many repetitions I do of the exercise and how many sets of those reps I do. I also put how heavy the weight is that I am using. I know this my seem elementary to some of you, but to others who have never worked out with a trainer or seen a training log, I want you to know that you can do this for yourself.

Each time I go in the gym I know exactly what I am there for. I have my workout written out and I write out my goals for each workout. Each time I go in the gym I either have to increase repetitions, increase the weight or challenge myself in some way to improve and grow.

Some of the changes that I can feel in day 18 of my transformation:

My pants are looser! In the thighs, in the butt, in the waist.

My face is looking thinner.

My complexion is amazing right now.

I am glowing with a radiant health that comes from eating well, exercising hard, sleeping and hydrating well.

A+ for compliance today! I'm proud of the consistency that I am building and the progress that I am seeing!

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