Saturday, March 26, 2011

Strip it Up! Strip it Down!

Just a quicky today! I need to get out to go shopping for this coming weeks good eats! Where I live it is not a quick trip to the store to get some of the more 'exotic' or organic things. It is a minimum 3 hr. venture. One hour drive each way, plus shopping, usually a meal with my hubby out and a little stop by another shop. We make it a 'date day' so it doesn't seem like such a chore.

Friday started off with a protein smoothie. It was yummy. However, I am honestly not a fan of starting off my day with a liquid breakfast. I workout hard in the evening and come breakfast time I am pretty hungry.

I must have been too hungry to remember to take a picture of snack, it was albacore tuna and an apple. I chopped the apple up into the tuna.

Lunch was leftovers from the night before. It was supposed to be a bouillabaisse, but the ingredients and the nutrition were so similar to the Seafood Chili, I just saved myself the work and packed leftovers.

Afternoon snack was chopped up apple and pear with blueberries and walnuts. Since a fruit serving is one small-medium piece of fruit, I ate 1/2 of a small apple, 1/3 of a medium pear, and 1/4 cup of blueberries.

After work I had my favorite lower body workout! Lunges, squats, deadlifts, skater squats, plyo in and outs, leg abduction and leg adduction and hip thrusters. This workout drains me! But the results make me smile. So I give it my all. When I got home I was too tired to make the salmon and pineapple chutney. So, I had tilapia. I did make the greens and they were delicious!!! I am going to be making more kale in the future!!! Real near future!

The kale was sauteed with red pepper flake, garlic, olive oil and golden raisins. I also had 1/4 cup of cooked farro, thanks to Amy (fitchick75) whose picture of her dinner reminded me that I could have a grain serving! Thanks girl!

Oh, and we don't usually have the night time snack that is listed because food late in the evening makes it difficult to sleep. We usually have a casien protein shake. HOWEVER, Friday night snack was an apple with almond butter!!! mmmmmmmmm! I did not have almond butter, so I used sunflower seed butter (which I adore!).

I licked the spoon . . . heck, I licked the plate!

Amy gave the salmon such a good review that I was excited to see that leftovers from Friday night dinner were for lunch on Saturday! I definitely made the time to cook that up and will tell you all about it in a later blog!

Time to get rolling!

Live beautifully! Lift something heavy! Light a spark in your life today!

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  1. You mention that you do your workout in the evenings. I have always heard that it's bad for you to do HARD working out then because your body is programed to "calm down" in the evening. What is your take on that? I personally do my workouts in the evenings due to homeschooling and kids bright and early. I'll go for a walk or something, but have done like my biggest loser workouts or Zumba in the evening. I feel like it actually helps me sleep and get to bed early when I do that anyway, but again, have always heard it's not good for you. Just thought I would run it by you! Thanks for your encouragement! My husband and I are starting Insanity tomorrow.....tad scared. LOL But looking forward to having something that is going to PUSH me...I need it and I can't just do it on my own at this point, I have to have it laid out for me. ;)
    Love love love the food you are eating and the picture of your fridge inspired me so much!!