Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Am Blessed and Honored

Every morning on my way to yoga I see the same elderly woman out on her morning walk. Seeing this woman diligently getting in her morning exercise makes me more committed to my practice for a couple reasons. The woman in me wants to stand up and cheer for any and every woman who finds the strength, courage and commitment to regularly take care of herself.

Seeing this woman also reminds me why what I do on the mat is so important. So much of what I do is about spinal alignment, joint health and improved flexibility. I have lost some lower spine flexibility due to arthritis, but I am determined to maintain as much as possible and regain what I can little by little. Though I am very flexible, I have lost some flexion in my knees and hips due to osteoarthritis. It's important to me to maintain full range of motion, heath and integrity in each of these joints.

As I bend into back bend or reach through for Binding Triangle or sit down into pigeon pose, and feel a little tightness or hesitation, I think of Mrs. Morning walker, who cannot raise her eyes to see the horizon. The curvature in her upper spine prevents her from straightening her spine. She is locked in a position that has her looking at her feel with each step that she takes. Yet she takes 100's of steps each morning.

I applaud her for remaining as active and mobile as possible. At the same time, I am saddened for her and pledge to do all I can to keep my body strong, flexible, healthy and mobile. I also feel an increased conviction to my decision to pursue the next level in my yoga certification. Nothing else I do excites my passion or purpose like yoga does. I am enjoying my studies for my personal trainer certification, but I actually find it feeling less 'personal' and connected like I find in my study of yoga.

This morning at the studio several of the students and teachers were giving me hugs and telling me how much they were going to miss me. In 8 days of practice at this studio, the bond seems tight and personal. I am choke up and miss them already. I am sure I will be coming back to this yoga community to visit. They have left a mark on my heart.

When I get home I plan to put together a gift package to send to the studio to thank them for opening their 'home' to me and sharing their hearts. I am blessed and honored.

I believe my clean diet in combination with eight hot yoga sessions in eight days has done more for my physique than I had anticipated. This is bonus for me, the true gift of yoga is the things I learn about myself and about life when I quiet my mind and listen to whispers of God in my heart.

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  1. Love that outfit and your beautiful spirit, Carolyn!