Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Are A Team, My Body and Me!

I have this theory, that in order to build the body you want, you have to learn to appreciate and love the body you have. I am embracing my less than perfect physique and thankful that it is strong and healthy.

I have put this theory into practice in the past and have found that as I allow myself to expose areas of my body publicly that are less than perfect or that I have felt self conscious about, I become less self conscious. Feeling less self conscious allows me to relax and accept myself and my body for what it is and to acknowledge what I would like to improve. It is THEN that I can work with my body towards that goal.

Declaring war on my thighs will not allow my body to relax, feel at ease and safe. It is only in relaxing and accepting that I can turn off that fight or flight protective mechanism and nurture my body into complying with the release of stored fat. If we are 'at war' my cortisol levels will increase and my body says "Store up, we are heading for hard times"! If I am relaxed, confident, at peace with who I am and what I have, then my body says "I am well taken care of, nurtured and safe, it is okay to release stored fat".

So, today I love my belly that has carried three children. It is not perfect. I have a strong core and today I was able to use that strong core to pull my body up into a shoulder stand during yoga class and fold over into plow position. That strong core could then pull my legs back up toward the ceiling and with control roll down one vertebrae at a time, safely and strongly.

I'm also embracing and loving the strength of my thighs. I have purchased some skimpy yoga shorts and cami style bras just for hot yoga classes. To move through my warrior poses without adjusting the leg of the shorts to cover the tops of my thighs helps me to accept the strength, length and health of my thighs without focusing on what jiggles or has cellulite or stretch marks on them. They are good thighs. I can sink low in warrior, I can stand strong in my balance poses and I can move confidently from high to low positions without wondering if my thighs can carry me through.

We are a team, my body and me. We are working together to build the healthy, confident, strong, active lifestyle we both enjoy and appreciate. This practice, this time on the mat, puts me in contact with my heart, my purpose, and my passions. I will be back to this time and time again. There is always something to learn. Always something to explore and discover.

Until we each become what we were created to be, I will continue to pray for you and for me.


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  1. Great blog. I totally agree with the loving your body....and you are really making me want to try hot yoga.