Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Carousel Dreams

If you know me even a little bit, you can guess that I love . . .LOVE . . .carousels! I love the lights, the music, the horses. . . I still like to get on a carousel at the park. As a little girl it was the first thing I would race to when we went to the fair. If there wasn't a line I would just stay on the horse and ride it again and again.

Bright, shiny, bling, bling! What it not to love about that!

If there was a line, I would wait with anticipation of it being my turn to ride the horse of my dreams. I would spy out THE one that I wanted to ride and keep my eye on it. I could visualize what it would be like to sit up on that tall horse. As the carousel came to a stop I would have my eye locked on 'my horse' and the quickest path to my intended target.

Beautiful, strong, graceful . . . this is my horse. I want it, I've had my eye on it while I stood in line. I dreamed about what it would be like to mount up on this horse.

As I get closer to my intended target, another horse that I hadn't even seen, it wasn't as blingy or shiny. But something about this horse has caught my eye. There is a potential here to have a different kind of ride than the ride I have had the other times.

So, what do I do. Do I ride the white horse because it was my intended target, the one that I dreamed of, the one that I had already visualized what I looked like and what it felt like to be on that horse.


Do I saddle up on the other horse, the unknown and take my chances on a totally new opportunity? In the mood for adventure I jump up onto the brown horse. I like it! It's a little higher than the horse I usually sit on. I have a different view from here.

While on my brown horse riding it like no other little girl every has, I spy some other horses that I have never seen from the position on the white horse. When the ride stops, there is no line, so I'm asked it I want to ride again!


Yes, I do!

But, before the ride starts I decide to switch to another horse

Who knows what opportunities this ride might bring!!! I might get a chance to try out each horse and never have to settle for just one ever again.

This could be the perfect ride . . .

for now . . .

until the next perfect ride . . .

Each time is a new opportunity to fulfill my dreams in a new and different way. No one else can do a Carolyn Carousel ride better than me. But, I can't do a YOU carousel ride better than you! Choose your ride, mount up and ride it for all it's worth! It's all you!

Dream it!

Do it!

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  1. I so needed this tonight as I see my focus shifting some in fitness and dreaming a little of what could be! Ready for a new horse to ride for a bit int his journey!