Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Changing it Up!

This week I am changing it up! I feel the need to transition in most every way in my life. I have been transforming and changing so much over the past two years. However, over the past five months I really have stuck to the same routine and goals. I had made a commitment to my husband to not sign up for any events or put anything on the schedule until after our sons graduation and wedding.

I have decided to take this week 'off' in a way. I will still be exercising, active and eating clean. But, for this week I will not lift a single weight or workout in any of the ways I have been working out. I will have fun, I will sweat and I will try new things. I am taking Zumba and yoga a couple times this week. I added in some sprint intervals. I plan to ride my bike some, if the weather will cooperative. I have been taking walks during my lunch and eating outside just to have a change of pace. I plan to get out my TRX tomorrow night and give it try! I am pumped!!!

I will still be doing strength training, but I will use my body weight and resistance bands. Oh, and I'm doing pilates for my core work this week. Who knows, I may end up loving this style workout more than I already love working out! Right now it's what I need.

Here is a two week challenge I set up on my Fabulous Fitness Facebook team:

This is a two week challenge to add some strength and fitness into your routine.

Week 1 Challenge:
1 minute of jumping jacks or half jacks if you cannot do impact
1 minute plank
1 minute wall sit

Beginners - 2 sets
Intermediate - 4 sets
Advanced - 6 sets

Record how many jumping jacks you do in a minute and try to improve with your next effort. These exercises should be done every other day, starting tomorrow!!! Let's go!

Week 2 Challenge:
1 minute of squat jumps (or squats if impact is not your thing)
1 minute of crunches
Push ups (full plank, on knees or wall push ups)

Beginners - 2 sets, 10 push ups
Intermediate - 4 sets, 20 push ups (first ten full plank)
Advanced - 6 sets, 30 push ups (first fifteen full plank)

Record how many jump squats you do in a minute and how many crunches you do in a minute. Do as many push ups as you can in full plank, next time try to do one more than you did the last time.

Be brave! Be bold! Be fierce! Be fabulous!

There are huge changes coming for me starting next week. I get to try out for two months what it would be like to work for myself doing what I love most. Pray for me. I want to use the gifts I have, the experiences I have been blessed to live and the opportunities available to be to the very best of my ability.

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