Friday, May 13, 2011

Thank You Tosca!

I am coming up a big milestone!  Actually several!  My son is graduation from college and then marrying his sweetheart the following day.  But the milestone I am referring to is the journey to health I started almost two years ago.

Two years ago I was 267lbs.
My blood pressure was 160/110 no, I'm no lying.  My docs thought I had had a cardiovascular event or stroke.
I had plantar fasciitus so bad I could barely stand to do the dishes.
I was so depressed, overwhelmed and frustrated.

While at the pharmacy to get my blood pressure meds filled I was looking through the cooking magazines for some healthy options.  I have always LOVED to cook and am pretty good at it.  I had ordered some cookbooks from the American Heart Association and had made myself a 'student' of how to cook for my health.  I was frustrated about the mixed information I seemed to be getting about lowering my blood pressure, getting healthy and losing weight.  One menu plan seemed to contradict the other.

At the pharmacy newstand I saw a copy of Clean Eating magazine.  I immediately had an Aha moment!  This is real food, with real taste, for real people.  I can do this!!!  Before Clean Eating magazine I would cry in the grocery store thinking I was doomed to a life of tasteless bland foods that were only suitable for concentration camp victims.

Some of you may already know my story.  You may have heard me say before how Clean Eating magazine lead me to make a Christmas list of the Eat Clean Diet publications I wanted for Christmas that year.  Then on Jan. 1, 2010 I jumped in with both feet and gave up sugar, white flour and any artificial sweeteners that I may have been consuming.  In June 2010 I took it a step further and started getting Oxygen magazine and really focusing on who to use Clean Eating to accomplish the physique changes I wanted to see.

I will never be a physique model, due to the fact that I was 115# heavier than I currently am and spent most of my adult life over the weight of 220 lbs.  But, that does not make me sad in the least.  I have the best body I can have AT THIS TIME.  And each day is a new time.  Today I am the best I can be.  Tomorrow I will be the best I can be tomorrow.  As I learn new things and try new foods my body continues to heal and grow.  I have been rewarded 100 fold or more.

Today I weight 151 lbs.
My Blood Pressure is 107/69  (no meds!!!!)
I am in excellent health
I lift weights 4 days a week
Run a couple times a week
I have ran 3 half marathons + 1 full marathon
I teach yoga twice a week during my lunch hour
I lead a couple of teams that focus on clean eating and strength building

My future is very bright and I am excited to be me!!!!  I get to live this amazing, healthy life!  This body isn't perfect, but, it's mine!