Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meet Zeudy Mars, Designer of Fit Active Wear!

A couple weeks ago I was introduced to Zeudy Mars' line of workout clothes. I saw a post on JenFits Gals in Figure and Bodybuilding facebook page. The picture in the post was a cute pair of booty shorts (which I cannot wear) and a super cute tank that said "Fit Diva" in pink and silver rhinestones! Hello! I think Zeudy designed this just for me!!! I checked out the line of clothing right away and found several things that I just loved!!!!

As I read some of the statements by other 'gals', I was a little apprehensive about purchasing. Statements about 'one size fits most' and concerns by some of the taller gals whether they would be long enough for them. I was concerned that my 'most' was more than 'most'! I've seen some fitness models in person and most of them are super tiny. Like size 2 tiny! Or less! I'm not tiny. I'm a 5'8.5" and wear a size 8/10. I'm a pretty curvy girl.

I made my purchase online and waited with excitement to receive my purchase. The service I received was amazing. I immediately got an email from Zeudy thanking me for my purchase. The next day I received an email telling me my purchased was being processed. The following day I received an email that my package was in transit. When my package came I was at work and could not wait to get home and rip open the package! When I pulled the pants out of the package they looked so teeny tiny!!! I have placemats wider than that! So tiny. For a moment my heart sank, then I pulled them on. These are the most comfortable workout pants I have over worn!!!! They hug nicely without feeling tight or squeezing me in any way. I don't know how they fit me so nicely, but they do. I'm getting ready to order another pair! The pair I ordered are called Fantasy Fit, they have pink and white bands at the waist. I wore them for my toughest workout. A workout that had jump squats, walking lunges w/twist, plie squats, lots of ab work that has me bending, twisting and crunching. Never once did I have to stop my workout to pull up my pants or unroll a waist band. They stayed put during the entire hour. And they look so good I could just walk into the grocery store to pick up a few groceries after my workout.

I hope you will visit and check out talented designer. She is a sweetheart with a fabulous line of workout wear. Thanks Zeudy Mars!


  1. This is such a sweet post! I had been lucky enough to have FitActiveWear clothes since day 1, since Zeudy is my sis♥ and I have to tell you without bias that they are the most comfy and stylish pants ever, plus I have been wearing my for over a year and a half and they are still black like the 1st day :-)
    BTW: I love the combo of the Fit Diva shirt and the Fantasy pants!

  2. I love the fit activewear top too there are so cute!
    Zeudy is my sis to ;-)