Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Choosing to be Fabulous!

Every day is a series of choices. The choices that we make either move us closer to our goals, further from them, or in most cases allow us to stay in a space of complacency. We have much more say about our journey than we even acknowledge.

Once we draw awareness to the choices we are given to make in a day, we can consciously make different choices that move us towards a different out come. Maybe you are thinking that a singular choice could not have that much impact. Let's look at a couple different scenarios here.

I have a desk job that requires I stay at my desk area for 8 hours of the day. Studies have shown that people who have sedentary jobs are at an increased risk of heart disease, no matter how much exercise they do in their after work hours. The mere fact that I sit 8 hr. of the day puts me at an increased risk. I already have a family history of heart health issues and I myself have had problems with high blood pressure and borderline cholesterol. So, I am doomed! Right? No. I have choices. I select what I might be able to do to turn statistics in my favor. If I get up for 5 minutes of every hour, I dramatically decrease those risks. If I am active for 5 minutes of every hour, I decrease those risks again. So, every hour of the work day, I get up for 5 minutes. Sometimes I merely stand at the counter and do my paper work. Other times I file. Then there are times that I stand at the counter and do calf raises or just glute squeezes. If I am feeling a little lethargic I go to the bathroom and do 50 quick squats and some wall push ups. These are choices, choices that could save my life, or at very least decrease my risks.

A little less dramatic illustration. Let's say I select to spend 5 minutes of each morning in prayer/meditation/reflection. Because I have made this choice, I feel calm, centered, focused and at peace as I start my day. When I get to work I am smiling and interact in a positive way with clients and work mates. That interaction makes me feel good and makes them feel good. A smiling face gets more compliments, compliments make you feel good, because you feel good, you make better food choices or maybe decide to take a walk after work with a friend. Walking with your friend encourages them to start exercising more frequently. One choice. One choice. It is a ripple effect in your life.

Once the ripple starts, it can and will turn into a tide if you start aiming all choices toward what you want more of in your life. With each choice ask yourself, does this serve me well? Does this move the ripples out toward the place I want to be?

When you challenge your thought process in one area and start realizing some goals, it ripples out into other areas of your life as well. You will wonder in what others areas you have been complacent, settled for less than or undisciplined. If I can plan my meals, schedule my workouts and make all the choices that go into making that happen (shopping, cooking, journaling workouts, etc) then I should be able to show better discipline in other areas of my life as well.

Another strategy I have been using is too look at each purchase, choice, event and ask myself . . . do I need this? Does this enhance my life or complicate it? Does this promote the life I desire or obstruct it? If I could have this or my goal which would I choose?

Today I am choosing to be fabulous! And because only I can make those choices, it shall be so!

Be bold, be brave, be fierce and be fabulous!

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