Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time for a Diva Day!

I am feeling super fabulous today! The day did not start out that way. I have been getting to bed late, being awakened in the night by thunder storms and power outages, etc. Morning comes too soon. I have bee working out at a new gym which adds 40 minutes to my already long day, but it is worth it.

When I drug my tired body out of bed this morning, I felt lean and light so I stepped on the scale. Up. Again. Why? I dunno. Liar. The scale lies. That's all I can say. Whatever, I shrug my shoulders and examine my reflection in the mirror to confirm how I am feeling. My tummy is flatter than ever. I cannot lose anymore body fat in my upper body or ribcage area. My face is looking lean. My rings are swinging around my fingers like hula hoops, so it' not water retention . . . beside, I hardly eat enough sodium to cause fluid retention. Whatever. The scale lies.

While in the shower I review my week thus far. Eating on track. Check. Workout on track. Check. Sodium in check. Check. Water. Check. Anything new? Hmmmm . . . later nights. Check. Disrupted sleep. Check. New workout routine. Check. Increased cardio. Check. Maybe what the scale is telling me is not a lie, maybe it is just a message I don't want to hear . . . I need to honor my body's need for rest, recovery and relaxation. Okay, I hear you! Super Diva Day coming up tomorrow! Friday is my day off!!! Hitting the gym in the morning, then eyebrow getting threaded, and my favorite meal plan tomorrow!!!!! YES!!!!! I love my day off! I run around in a pair of flip flops with my hair in a ponytail and very little make up and a huge pair of sunglasses! I act like I'm a movie star on vacation! LOL! Diva!

Today I put skipped the bee pollen in my oatmeal and added chia seeds! Love this!

here is a link to the benefits of chia

I felt I needed the chia today and will use it again tomorrow, it helps you to be more 'regular' and it has been a couple days since I felt I eliminated well. TMI Hmmmmm, maybe the scales are telling me I'm full of it! LOL!

Recap of my meals today:

Mix of Creamy Buckweat & Muesli cereals
Vanilla protein powder
Splash of almond milk
chia seeds
wheat germ

1/2 Fuji Apple
1 scoop chocolate protein whey

Left over salmon
1/2 sweet potato w/cinnamon
Raw radishes

1/2 Fuji Apple
2 Hard boiled eggs

Grilled Chicken
1/2 Sweet Potato w/cinnamon
Sauteed Green Beans w/garlic and red pepper flake

Night time shake:
1 scoop chocolate casein

*Confession. I was starving today after my afternoon snack. The eggs didn't peel well, half the whites ended up in the trash. My metabolism is sky high right now and I had an overwhelming hunger (not a craving) HUNGER for peanut butter and dark chocolate. I felt like I HAD to have it. Natural peanut butter is clean and I keep it around by the truck load. I usually have one square of dark chocolate with 1 TBSP chunky natural peanut butter on it after a tough workout while I'm making dinner. But, doing this too often can derail my efforts. So, for this challenge I wanted to try to eliminate that. But, that NEED kept knocking. So, when I got home I made myself a small chocolate shake with 1 TBSP of PB2 which is a dehydrated peanut powder. It is made with only peanuts and has less than half the fat of peanut butter, but all the flavor with nothing artificial added. So, did I cheat . . . technically no, my choice was clean. Was it on my plan, no. Do I feel guilt or remorse. No. I fed a hunger before it became a binge and I kept it in moderation.

I am looking forward to my diva day tomorrow! Starting the day off with my FAVORITE menu plan from the Stripped recipes! Funny that on the day I don't do anything with my hair or make up and walk around in yoga clothes all day is the day I feel the prettiest and get the most compliments.

I will leave you with one of my little sayings:

Anything that does not advance me in my quest for my healthiest, strongest life is a hindrance that I have allowed . . . I will not be an obstruction to the purpose I was created for.

Go! Be beautiful! A new day awaits what only you can bring! Serve it up big!


  1. Loved this! Enjoy your diva day today. I know all about the interrupted sleep this week. Yesterday it was the storm and today birds at's a conspiracy! LOL!

  2. Totally not related to your blog today at all, but the thought was triggered by your flat belly comment. I'm having the opposite effect. My tummy has been more swollen since being stricter with the clean eating. Any thoughts?