Friday, April 1, 2011

Simply Stripped

I am enjoying the simplicity of this morning as I sit at my home office desk. My desk is right under a double window that faces east. I'm feeling a little joyful and melancholy as I watch the sun coming up over the tree line. I'm thinking of facing the east, moving towards what I love and my friends and family 'back east'

I am a Virginia girl through and through. Born and raised in the Northern Virginia area. The people nearest and dearest to me (other than my husband and sons) are in that area. I love the mountains, the rivers, the places, the smells, the foods, the people. Everything about life seems to run smoother for me when I am there. The sun shines brighter and I smile bigger when I'm there.

But, I am here, in Indiana. I have been here for four years and will most likely be here for another year or two. So, I am surrounding myself with the things that keep me connected to what I love. Pictures, colors, textures, anything that says welcome friends. Yesterday I bought myself a special place setting just for my desk. I pack my lunch and snacks every day and most days eat at my desk. I bought a placemat, small plate, bowl and matching mug.

Love it! And the card of the two girls hugging is from Amy, so I feel like we are having breakfast together this morning watching the sun rise in the east.

Today is the start of a new month and a new chapter for me in so many ways. This marks the beginning of my part time status at my job. I will have one day off each week and I will be going into work an hour later. I am using the time to start my day at a lower pace, enjoy the sunrise, count my blessings and fully digest my breakfast. I will also get in a morning lower body workout, make a trip to the Goodwill and teach yoga at noon. Mostly this day off is to help me to have a day that I focus attention on writing, reading and researching for some of the future things I am working on. I am working on writing recipes and ideas about clean eating on a budget, how to make your exercise/nutrition work together towards your goals, and I'm working on getting things in general more streamlined and simplistic.

But I gotta get moving! So, let's eat!

Protein smoothie w/mango and blueberries. The blueberries and a banana were supposed to be in my smoothie. However, I discovered someone ate the last banana after I went to bed. And, I would rather chew some food instead of putting it all in the smoothie. This was yummy, sweet and felt like a treat.

It looks like yesterday was my day of substitutions! LOL! Two hardboiled eggs with Organics garlic pepper on them. And a bowl of watermelon (it was supposed to be the melon popsicles made with watermelon and cantaloup)

Tasty Naked Wonton Soup! Hot, steamy delicious and surprisingly filling. I was concerned with the amount of liquid foods I was scheduled to have and the lower about of meat source proteins in the day that I would feel hungry, but I did not.

Strawberries and cashews for afternoon snack

And this may not look appealing, but it was delicious! Butternut squash Farro 'risotto' with black truffle oil! Delicious, rich and satisfying! I felt stuffed!

Time for me to scoot out the door to the gym and get this day rolling! I leave you with a fun shot from my photo session.

Be blessed, be beautiful, be YOU!

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