Monday, April 11, 2011

Stripped Week 3 Progress

Wow! What a busy weekend! I got a lot accomplished and actually had some leisure time!

I'm kinda liking that things got scaled back with my client list. I'm down to just a few quality clients that I can focus on more with my current work schedule. I didn't realize how much I had taken on and how busy it would keep me until I was well in over my head. Even though it was tough losing some clients, others were ready to move on. Two - three months is initially the idea that I thought I would work with each client and that seems to be the average. One of two things happens, either in two - three months I can teach them the tools they need to continue on their own, or they change goals or lose focus and aren't able to see the results they want to be seeing.

Which brings me to lessons learned. With almost every client, I allowed them to change the menu and listened to their input about what they 'wanted' in the plan. What happens is they then aren't seeing the results they should be seeing and they get frustrated and think 'this doesn't work' and they quit. With my newer clients, I listen to what they are saying and then I say "No, we cannot add that in at this time." I then tell them why. There is a reason behind the progression of menus, calories/carbs/proteins/fats/exercise and they all work together to keep you from hitting a plateau. It works, I know it works and I know how it works. I need my clients to trust me and to trust the process. Another reason I start clients on a specific type of menu is to get them to start looking at food as fuel. Yes, food should be enjoyable, but so much of what we eat is just driven by taste and habit. I want them to start thinking about what they are eating, why they are eating it and how it helps them or hinders them in reaching their goals. These aren't MY goals, they have identified THEIR goals to me and it is my job to give them the tools to reach those goals. I love what I do. I don't love it when my client/friend is not satisfied with the results, and that happens when either I haven't understood fully what their expectations are or they haven't stuck to the training goal. So, great learning experience for me. Just like a parent has to use tough love, I need to be firm and say "no, we aren't going to do that at this time and here is why".

Let's look at some stats for this Eat Clean Diet Stripped 28 Day plan.

Starting Weight: 161.4
Week 1: 158.0
Week 2: 156.8
Week 3: 159.2
Total Weight Lost: 2.2 lbs.

Bra Band Measurement:
Starting: 33
Week 1: 32.75
Week 2: 32.5
Week 3: 32
Total Inches Lost: 1 inch

Natural Waist Measurements:
Starting: 32
Week 1: 31.5
Week 2: 29.75
Week 3: 29.25
Total Inches Lost: 2.75 inches

Hip Measurement:
Starting: 40.5
Week 1: 39.75
Week 2: 38.75
Week 3: 39.0
Total inches lost: 1.5 inches

Thigh Measurements:
Starting: 20.75
Week 1: 20.5
Week 2: 20.5
Week 3: 21
Total inches lost: +.25

That my weight is up today and my thigh and hip are up tells me that I must be retaining fluid probably due to ovulation. I had a partial hysterectomy so am never sure of my 'time' but, my complexion, the scale and the measurements all indicate that may be the case. At any rate, I feel amazing. My clothes are looser than ever. My pants are practically falling off of me. My waist line is slimming and is moving lower. Oh, here, lets just look at the pictures so you can see for yourself.

My legs are definitely slimming down.

High inner thigh and hip flexor area getting leaner. Waist is lower and tighter.

Sorry about the lighting here and the angle and proximity are different. But my hiney is getting higher and tighter. My bottoms don't hug in as tight, they just kinda sit on my hips now. My lower back is getting leaner and tighter.

There you go! The scale doesn't say much, but the inches and the pictures don't lie. Keep in mind, it has only been three weeks. Three weeks to have your pants fit better and to feel amazing! Worth it!

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  1. Great post! On the reason behind why you do what you do (I agree) - and the personal results of Stripped!